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EZY System is a High Definition camera family designed for video surveillance. We have developed all electronic inside devices and dedicated software. Hardware is manufacted by DUEVI and internationally distribuited.


EzyMegaCAMLAN IP Megapixel camera with recording

EzyMegaCAMLAN represents a natural completion of the EzyCAM device family.

Incorporated inside:
a 1,3 Megapixel CMOS 1/3'' sensor;
a MPEG4 DVR digital on double card SD-HC;
a backup rechargeable battery to guarantee recording even in the case of power failure

The optical section provides an external lens (not included) with a Board Mount 12mm connection.

High resolution with digital zoom
View, record and play back images at high resolution, with the possibility of digital zoom on both direct viewing and recordings.

On-board recording
Two SD-HC on-board slots store the recordings directly in Mpeg4 format. No need for an additional server or DVR.

Local or remote vision
EzyMegaCAMLANis designed for stand-alone use or operated by LAN 10/100 network. With the software EzyViewCAM included , the camera can be completely run though the local local network or Internet.


EzyMegaCAMLAN-360IP Megapixel 360° camera integrated with high-resolution DVR

EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 is a digital IP camera that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It has a panoramic lens obtaining a high-resolution, hemispheric view of the area, without any blind spots. Our immersion of technology in the image, allows you to view, record and playback the entire visual field at 360°. It represents the synthesis of the best technology available at the moment for 360° panoramic vision.

EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 integrates:
an 1,3 Megapixel IP camera;
a fisheye lens for the 360° panoramic vision;
a digital MPEG4 DVR on double card SD-HC;
a rechargeable backup battery, that guarantees recording in case of power failure

PTZ digital
Our technology allows you to digitally perform pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) movements with both direct vision or playback.

Total control
View, record and playback the real field of vision at 360°, with no blind spots and just one camera. All activity is recorded every moment, guaranteeing an exceptional level of security.

On-board recording
Two on-board slot SD-HC store the recordings directly in Mpeg4 format. There is no need for server or additional DVR.

Local or remote vision
EzyMegaCAMLAN-360 is designed for stand-alone use or run by a LAN 10/100 network. With the EzyViewCAM software included, the camera can be completely managed by the local network or Internet.


EzyDriveCAM-LAN registratore video digitale LAN (PoE)

EzyDriveCAM-LAN è un compatto videoregistratore digitale monocanale gestibile su rete LAN.

Il segnale video della telecamera viene registrato in formato MPG4 sulla scheda di memoria SDHC alloggiata a bordo, pertanto non è necessario nessun server o videoregistratore aggiuntivo.

La batteria ricaricabile in dotazione consente al dispositivo di continuare ad alimentare la telecamera e registrare anche in caso di assenza temporanea di alimentazione (12Vdc oppure PoE).

EzyDriveCAMLAN è dotato di una uscita RS485 per il controllo di telecamere PTZ, di un ingresso di allarme e di una uscita programmabili.

EzyDriveCAMLAN è progettata per un utilizzo stand-alone oppure gestita tramite rete LAN 10/100.

Tramite il software incluso EzyViewCAM, la telecamera può essere completamente gestita dalla rete locale oppure da internet.